Irish Sport Fishing

Irish Sport Fishing – Fishing in Ireland

End of August

I headed out for a few hours as conditions looked good. I brought a fishing buddy from work to try get him a bass. I couldn’t believe it when i got hit on my first cast (same thing had happened a few weeks earlier in the exact same spot). The Zonk strikes again.

I took off my Zonk and gave it to John, and was confident he would soon be into a fish. I put on a different Zonk (non-gataride) and about half an hour later i got another small fish.

The best fish of the night came shortly after. It hit hard and jumped straight out of the water in front of me before taking a lot of line. I haven’t had a bass clear the water like that before. John slipped the net under him (he’s had a bit of practice netting fish for me in the past!).

Unfortunately John didn’t manage to get any action. I reckon he might need glasses, as some of the photos he took were awful too – the head of the fish missing in one, the tail of the fish missing in another, and he even managed to miss the fish completely in another one! You’d swear Stevie Wonder took them! Ah well, he’ll have to wait ’til next time

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