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Tricks of the Trade. Dave Roe – Part 2

Being prepared is one of the key traits of a successful match angler. Its no good arriving at a competition with all the flounder rigs you made last week, only to find out that dogfish will be the main quarry. Similarly, its no use arriving with a flask full of sandeels when crab is the only bait the fish are interested in. I won’t even start on some of the lengths myself and Dave used to go to in order to ensure we had the best bait available.

Dave picks out the rigs he will start with

Quality bait

Reel in, clip on new rig, and cast back out as quickly as possible. Every second counts, especially in a close match with lots of fish - the time saved by doing this throughout the match could mean you fit in an extra cast or two, and an extra fish or two

Distance can be vital on this beach, especially in daylight

Each time Dave was down at the waters edge reeling in, i managed to rummage a little deeper into his tackle box. What was apparent was that a great deal of thought had gone into everything, from the meticulous layout of his seat-box and all its contents to the way all the bait was stored and transported.

People often wonder how the successful anglers do it time and again, coming up with all sorts of reasons for their own failure to catch, when in reality they should be questioning themselves and where they are going wrong. The preparation for a big match starts weeks in advance. The hours spent making rigs, fine-tuning equipment, digging bait and then keeping it alive – this cannot be done unless you are motivated.

Dave has a busy schedule over the next few weeks with matches on most weekends, and the preparation for them began as soon as this competition ended. While most anglers went home after this match, Dave had a long night ahead of digging maddies to look forward to.

3 comments on “Tricks of the Trade. Dave Roe – Part 2

  1. Bill Hancock
    March 14, 2013

    I still enjoy reading these articles over and over.
    What are the gadgets for storing the reels on the lid of the tackle box called and where can they be purchased?

    • steve
      March 15, 2013

      The reel holders are from Breakaway Tackle UK (you should find them on google – most of the larger tackle shops stock them). They fit small multipliers comfortably, but struggle with any of the larger ones. Very handy though!

      • Bill Hancock
        March 16, 2013

        Hi! Steve,

        Have managed to buy them online from Breakaway.




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