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Early Season Salmon Fishing

It’s been a slow enough start to the salmon season for me. While the spring run is only really getting going now, I had hoped a few early trips would have yielded me my first fish of the season. But still I wait!

I’ve been unfortunate in that there has been little rain to coincide with my trips so far, leaving the rivers quite low and without any numbers of running fish. Visits to the Moy and Laune drew a blank (I didn’t even see a fish).

Last week, after watching the weather closely and seeing a decent spell of rain fall over the south of the country, I decided a trip to the Cork Blackwater was worth a shot. The water level had fined off nicely and the wind had died down (though it was a still a little bright), and after fishing the beat hard all day I eventually got a pull. The headshaking that ensued was short-lived however as it came off a few seconds later. Still, it was good to be out and when the sun is shining there are few nicer places to spend a couple of hours at the river than the Cork Blackwater (though my language after the hook popped out might have suggested otherwise!)

Taking a break on the Blackwater

This week last year there was a good run of springers on the Mourne. I landed one of 9lbs and lost another at the net that was into double figures. Myself and John had hoped that history would repeat itself, and with the rain during the week we decided to head north.

The water was still a bit murky the first day and it was windy as hell the second, but after flogging the beat up and down John finally got a take. I had actually just turned on the camera and said to John to give me three casts. I told him not to wait for the fly to come around and instead just retrieve straight away and cast again. On cast number two the fish took! A few minutes later I tailed a lovely fresh fish of 7.5lbs.

John Haran and a 7.5lb Mourne Salmon

Back she goes

I don’t know what the odds of that happening were, but I might try the ‘get out the camera’ trick next time I’m struggling for a fish! We didn’t even see another fish all weekend. The video is here –

2 comments on “Early Season Salmon Fishing

  1. salmon fishing ireland
    March 19, 2014

    Early season salmon fishing is a great time of year for fisherman. After spending months itching to get back out, the first trip game fishing is often one of the most fondest! The novelty of fishing never does die down!

    • steve
      March 20, 2014

      Very true… i can’t wait for this season!

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