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Munster Blackwater – September 2012

Some settled weather, a dropping flood, and reports of some fish being caught on a river coming into its peak month prompted a trip to the Blackwater last weekend. One thing i’ve learnt from my salmon fishing is if the outlook is good, and all conditions and other variables look good, then it’s best not to think too much about whether or not to go – just go before it’s too late!

Generally I prefer the water to be a little on the higher side, and this was the case last weekend. There was a lovely pull on the river, and the clarity was excellent. I geared up the 13’9 G Loomis Dredger with a floating Rio shooting-head and 5ft intermediate tip. I tied on a size 14 claret shrimp and started at the top of the beat, just downstream of Kilavullen. John was first into a fish, a lovely fresh fish of around 5lb.

John’s 5lb salmon

In the afternoon I fished the stretch that John had just been on, and hooked my first fish in exactly the same spot. There’s nothing quite like feeling the line tighten when a fish takes! The fish ran 100 yards upstream where we managed to land it after a good fight.

My first fish of the day – around 6lb

The small fly had a good hold in the scissors

The bright sunshine didn’t seem to affect the fishing, and there were plenty of fish showing to keep us interested. I managed another fish in the evening before the light started to fade. After a summer of floods, hopefully another window of good conditions will present itself to me before the end of the season on the 12th of October.

For information contact The Blackwater Lodge and Salmon Fishery – Blackwater Lodge and Salmon Fishery

Second fish of the day – another to the small claret shrimp

Casting a line in lovely conditions


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