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Courtown Angling & Moonfleet RNLI Fundraiser

Courtown Angling

Courtown Angling

Courtown received a double boost last weekend with the re-opening of Joe Byrne’s ‘Courtown Angling’ on the main street, and the great support for the RNLI fundraising competition held on nearby Kilgorman Beach.

I think everyone is happy to see the shop back up and running and from talking to people I can imagine Joe will be a busy man from here on in (“about time he did some work!” – who said that?!).

Kilgorman Beach

Kilgorman Beach

The RNLI fundraising competition was sponsored by Moonfleet Angling who put up some great prizes including rods from the increasingly popular Yuki range. Fair play to Moonfleet Angling.

The conditions on the day were perfect with little wind and some welcome winter sunshine. This coupled with a sea that had been hammered by the recent storms created some nice coloured water close-in which was full of fish.

Shay O'Neill found the dabs

Shay O’Neill found the dabs

Treble-shot of dabs

Treble-shot of dabs

Anglers caught from the start with Flounders, Dabs, Whiting and Rockling making up the bulk of the catches. There were a few undersize fish around (mostly pin whiting), but there was also the occasional decent flounder for a few lucky anglers.

Alan Mulcahy

A double-shot for Alan Mulcahy

A double-shot for Alan Mulcahy

Dave Roe (on right) was the eventual winner with 42 fish

Dave Roe (on right) was the eventual winner with 42 fish

There was no need to cast far which is normal for this beach, and best baits were lug, wrapped lug and maddies. It was one of those competitions where you needed to be reeling in at least a double shot each cast to stay in with a shout!

The top 3 on the day were,

1st Dave Roe, 42 fish

2nd Paul Tyndall, 36 fish

3rd Shay O’Neill, 36 fish

The Irish Winter Beach Festival is on in a couple of weeks. The tides will be similar, so lets see what sort of fishing it will produce. Anglers will be fishing for the same species with the same baits on similar beaches, so hopefully the conditions leading up to the event will be favourable!

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