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Clonakilty Bay Mullet Fishing

Clonakilty Fishing

I had completely forgotten about this clip from last summer ’til recently when i was deleting files off my camera. It was during the heatwave last summer, and the great weather coupled with the brilliant fishing meant we had a fantastic week all round. I caught my quota of specimen Grey and Golden Grey Mullet (3 of each), and lost count of the total number of specimen sized fish i had over the week.

While we did have our fair share of mullet fishing the traditional way with a float or free lined bread, it was also amazing to see just how aggressive mullet can be. They followed, chased and attacked our moving ragworm baits and a quickened retrieve usually led to a more aggressive take. This was from both the Golden Greys and the Greys.

The clip shows Micheal Hennessy landing one of many Grey Mullet. We did think for a split second that it was a Golden as we had been catching plenty of them (good ones too!) – it would have smashed the record if it was! It’s definitely one of my favorite places to fish and i’m looking forward to getting back down there this summer.

(p.s. I should also mention the fresh jam and custard doughnuts from the nearby SuperValu – they are dangerously tasty! The mullet like them too – I tried my best to catch a specimen on a piece of one, but couldn’t get any over the weight! Maybe this year!)

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