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An Average Day – A Not So Average fish!

Dave 10lb 7oz Bass

Every so often we catch a fish that reminds us why we go fishing. Like the one above. Nothing was obviously different about this day in the Waterville area than any other day we fish. The conditions were ok, the surf was ok, the tides weren’t bad, etc. etc. Dave had his first cast and within 5 minutes had a slack line bite resulting in a 10b 7oz bar of silver. After a few quick photos and measurements we sent her on her way. And that was it for the day – not another bite! We could fish this spot for another ten days and not see another fish like this. Fishing is great, isn’t it?!

One comment on “An Average Day – A Not So Average fish!

  1. David Tilly
    August 22, 2015

    Some people spend a lifetime searching for one , living in Kerry makes it easy

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