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Some very welcome bass…

I decided last minute to head out for an hour or two locally to see if there were any bass around. The weather was glorious and the tide looked about right. I waded out through some pools and after a bit of orienteering over some rocks with rod in mouth, I was perched on my spot. I put on a Feed Shallow (no.14) and it wasn’t long before I had my first fish. A small bass of around 1lb. Apologies the picture isn’t the best – my camera was out of reach so I had to use my phone.

First fish of the day

I had another fish similar in size shortly after, and then had this decent fish of around 3.5lbs.

A bit better

I felt a good bang just when I started my retrieve, so I kept winding at the same speed hoping the fish would come back. The Feed Shallow was just coming into view near the end of the retrieve when I saw the fish appear from underneath it, inhale it and turn away. After a good scrap he was ready to go back. I stayed for another hour while the sun set and tried a few different lures. I had another good fish (maybe 4 or 5lb) jump out of the water and completely miss my surface lure, but couldn’t manage any more hook-ups.

Feed Shallow did the job

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