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Some very lucky mackerel…

On the weekends some of my local spots can be full of people swimming, canoeing, dog walking etc. which tends to make the already scarce bass even scarcer. I decided to head further south for a bit of peace and quiet. As I was walking down the beach I met another guy leaving who had no luck, but he said he lost one a few days previous which he reckoned was around 7-8lb. The water was crystal clear and there was no weed or wind (for a change). There were a few sea trout jumping including some absolute crackers but unfortunately none liked the look of my lures. I put on a small metal lure to try and get a bit more distance, and soon enough I caught a few mackerel. They are great fun on light gear – if only there were a few 10lb’ers around.

Luckily for them I was in no mood to be gutting fish that night so they went back. I think I’d prefer a slightly longer/lighter rod for these kind of days. A 8’6 rod rated up to 20g would be ideal. Some of the smaller lures are hard to cast with the shorter, more powerful gear I was using.

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