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Early start – why do i do this to myself on my day off?!

Alarm goes off at 5.30am. I hit snooze. Alarm goes off again. I hit snooze again. The third time around i have a listen to see if i can hear any rain. I can’t, so i get up. My decision to get up or not is made in that split second, and i often wonder how many good sessions i might have missed out on if it had been raining!

It was low water when i arrived, and as i hadn’t fished this venue with a lure before i decided to put on a trusty Feed Shallow for a bit of familiarity. I waded out to my waist and moved along a few steps each cast. After about 30mins  there was a good take just after the lure hit the water, and soon enough the first fish was beached.

From the marks on the side, he more than likely had a close call with a net.

After a while I changed over to a Node Minnow. They cast great and they look great in the water. They work around 2-3 ft deep which looked perfect for this venue, and soon enough i was into my second fish.

Node 130

A quick picture before release and off he went, wondering what the hell just happened no doubt. Made the early start worthwhile!

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