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Kerry Trip – Dingle & Waterville

I’ve been trying to recall all the sessions i had while in Dingle, but it’s impossible as there were so many. I’d have two or three sessions a day sometimes, from an early morning start over in Brandon for bass, followed by a few hours in one of the estuaries for a big flounder, and then spending a few hours in the evening fishing from Dingle pier for mackerel. Not to mention the sessions in the pub afterwards.

I managed to take a few pictures, but i was afraid to take out the camera with the rain at times. Kerry is the only place i’ve seen the rain fall sideways! Serious stuff.


Myself and Dave spent a couple hours on Inch on our way to Dingle. Dave had the only bite, but unfortunately it turned out to be an oyster catcher that flew into his line! He flew off fine.

Inch Beach


I had a few cracking sessions in the estuaries during the big tides. I had plenty of fish to lures – bass to 4lb and sea-trout to 2lb – and i had even more fish when using crab for bait. I literally couldn’t bait up quick enough. I even had four bass to the same piece of crab! There were plenty of big flounders around too.


While i was catching some proper fish, the lads fishing the Daiwa Pairs were trying their best not to blank!

Paul Molyneux and his little worm

Dave praying for a fish on Béal Bán

I brought a few of the lads to a mark where i had some good flounders earlier on in the week. After a slow enough start, we eventually got stuck into a few fish. Colin and Shakey had the best of them.

Colin and his 46cm flounder
We’re going to need a bigger measure!
Shakey and his 48cm beast
Back she goes

Even the mackerel fishing was great fun from the harbour. A quiver tip rod, light braid and a free-lined piece of mackerel for bait beats chucking out 6 feathers and a six ounce lead all day. I didn’t get a chance to try for a big pollock or wrasse unfortunately, but i will definitely give them a go next year.


When the competition was over and all the lads had headed home i decided to go down to Waterville for a day or two. The season on Lough Currane was still open and i went out for a days fishing with Neil O’Shea. We had plenty of small fish to around the 1lb mark but nothing bigger. Neil landed a salmon and i hooked and lost another salmon while he was playing his!

At the end of the trip I wondered where the time had went. Back to Dublin, back to work. Although i’m thinking of heading back down for New Years (i might bring a rod).

2 comments on “Kerry Trip – Dingle & Waterville

  1. Somebody
    April 30, 2012

    is that rod a Tournament X 130 by any chance?

    Great pic and tip looks great

    Many thanks,

    • steve
      April 30, 2012

      It’s the 134!

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